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 June 1 through November 30

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Hurricane Season is from June 1 through November 30

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Atlantic Tropical Storm Probability Map
(Posted from May 15 through Hurricane Season and when possible Tropical Storm is detected)

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Jacksonville Centered Radar

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For Information on Tropical Cyclone activity, monitor

National Hurricane Center

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NWS Storm Prediction Center

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Links to Other Sites

The following sites sites provide valuable information.

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National Weather Service Jacksonville, FL Home Page
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NOAA Satellite Services Division
NOAA GOES Satellite Views (many options)

NOAA Realtime Tropical Storm Specific Satellite Views
NOAA Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product
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All NWS Radar Sites
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National Center for Environmental Prediction Model Analysis
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Other Weather Links (Non-governmental)

Tropical Atlantic Storm Models
[Click on Storm Name, Scroll down, select product]
Another Source for Environmental Prediction Models

Tropical Cyclone Model Guidance
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Courses
Home Emergency and Disaster Safety
Natural Disaster Safety
Disaster Preparation Links
The Weather Channel
Weather Underground
WESH2 TV Doppler Radar
WFTV9 TV Doppler Radar

The Skywarn Program

Skywarn is a program developed by the National Weather Service (NWS) to enable people to report severe weather conditions to the local Weather Service office. Meteorologists from the local NWS office teach both basic and advanced classes in various communities in their coverage area.

The Basic Skywarn class teaches fundamental elements of storm spotting. The Advanced class expands on this information, going into more detail.

The next Flagler County Skywarn courses, Basic and Advanced in one session, will be held at the Flagler County Emergency Operations Center in Bunnell, FL.  They will be taught by a National Weather Service Jacksonville meteorologist. To sign up, call Bob Pickering, Emergency Management Technician, at (386) 313-4250 or e-mail BP@flagleremergency.com.

[IMPORTANT: Skywarn Classes may be canceled with short notice should severe weather or a tropical cyclone pose a threat to the forecast area. All potential class attendees should check on the day of the class to insure that the class has not been canceled.]

Who Can Be A Storm Spotter?

Flagler Skywarn storm spotters are trained by staff of the National Weather Service in Jacksonville, Fl. The classes are free and anyone can become a Skywarn storm spotter.

Classes in Flagler County are generally held at the Flagler County Emergency Operations Center. Pre-registration is required. During our tropical weather season, NWS meterologists are frequently required to be on duty at headquarters and there are usually no classes scheduled locally.

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